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Description of Bird’s body Part


A “BIRD” is a feathered vertebrate, warm blooded creature whose body temperature remains bit constant irrespective of surroundings and their activities due to their non-conducting feathers which is main characteristics separating them from other creatures. The have hollow bones which helps them keep their body weight light with complex muscular anatomy having breast muscle comprising of about 25 percentage of the body weight. They have beak also called as bill, the shape of a beak directly relates to what they eat which has evolved its self over the years for the purpose of cutting, tearing, flower and mud probing, seed crushing, wood chiseling and to grip a fish. This evolution make them independent in terms of their struggle in food chain. Similarly their feet has also shaped itself for their need to hunt, run, cling, climb and swim. Birds have an acute eyesight which is almost 10 times sharper than most of mammals, woodcocks has got 360 degree of view because their eyes on sides of its head. An Owl eyes are so developed that they have better than normal night view because they don’t have eye balls rather they are elongated tubes and that’s the reason they cannot move their eyes, this is the power of evolution that they have developed their anatomy which allows them to rotate their neck.

Interesting Facts about Birds :

  • A Humming Bird can fly backwards and sideways
  • Kiwis are blind and they hunt by smell
  • Birds eat twice their weight in a day (So the phrase “Eat like a Bird” is definitely in virtual sense of words)
  • Most birds eye covers almost 50% of their head
  • Most common bird in this world is “Chicken”
  • Kingfisher, Grebe, Swift, Loon and humming birds can not walk
  • Bats are not Birds and Penguins are Birds who can swim (Everything that flies are not Birds

Hindi Name of BirdsList of All Birds In India

List of Birds family Captured:

Peafowl Cormorant Pigeon
Junglefowl Gull Dove
Pheasant Tern Coucal
Pochard Buzzard Martin
Swan Kite Parakeet
Shoveler Eagle Roller
Mallard Vulture Dollabird
Teal Shikra Kingfisher
Gadwall Owl Bee-Eater
Goose Moorhen Hoopoe
Duck Sandpiper Hornbill
Grebe Jacana Flameback
Darter Thick-Knee Shrike
Openbill Lapwing Oriole
Stork Coot Drongo
Ibis Swamphen Grassbird
Spoonbill Watehen White-Eye
Heron Stilt Babbler
Egret Cuckoo Prinia
Pelican Sandgrouse Thrush
Warbler Starling Magpie
Tit Mayna Jay
Bushlark Koel Crow
Lark Weaver Cough
Sparrow Lark Wagtail Bushchat
Bulbul Munia Finch
 Falcon Redstart Treepie
Swallow Silverbill Robin
Rockchat Avadavat Sunbird
 Flycatcher Sparrow Stonechat
Francolin  Barbet Woodpecker
 Kestrel  Minivet Griffon
 Iora  Dipper Crane
Harrier  Sibia  Plover


List of Birds family seen but still to captured:

Quail Falconet Swift
Flamingo Tailor Bird Nightjar
Bittern Bunting Rook
Pipit Rail
Bustard Raven
Skimmer Snipe

List of Birds family in Search:

Chukar  Fulvetta Trogon
Skylark Goshawk Woodshrike
Tragopan Bushtit Yellownape
Monal Sparrowhawk Pitta
Snowcock Pratincole Woodswallow
Scrubfowl Knot Waxwing
Spurfowl Dunlin Broadbill
Snowfinch Shank Fantail
Florican Godwit Monarch
Adjutant Phalarope Piculet
Skua Curlew Creeper
Noddy Dotterel Treecreeper
Loon Avocet Nuthatch
Petrel Ibisbill Wren
Booby Crake Bluebird
Frigatebird Finfoot Parrotbill
Tropicbird Courser Yuhina
Merlin Jaeger Nightingale
Osprey Frogmouth Minla
Hobby Needletail Whitethroat
Flowerpecker Wheat-Ear Babax
Chiffchaff Forktail Barwing
Cisticola Leafbird Niltava
Laughing Trush Nutcracker Blackbird
Grandala Jackdraw Cuchoa
Shortwing Tesia Grosbeak
Accentor Rosefinch Cuckooshrike
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